Stand - 2024 Amazing Facts Youth Conference
Stand - 2024 Amazing Facts Youth Conference Stand - 2024 Amazing Facts Youth Conference
2024 Amazing Facts Youth Conference
June 12–15, 2024
Granite Bay Hilltop Church
First Presentation: 7:00 PM PT
Don’t miss this faith-building event!
"I am so thrilled that AFY is providing our youth and young adults a ministry that speaks directly to their needs in this challenging world. I’m certain that our team and energetic youth will make our 2024 youth conference a don’t-miss, faith-building experience. I invite you to attend and see how God accomplishes a mighty work in your life." —Pastor Doug
Pastor Doug Batchelor
Youth Collage
Have you ever felt unsteady, shaken, or knocked over in your faith? Do trials push you over? Have you been caught off guard spiritually? Have you ever felt afraid or weak in your walk with God?
Even the relentless apostle Paul had times when he felt "hard-pressed on every side, … perplexed, … persecuted, … struck down" (2 Corinthians 4:8, 9). But he learned to stand strong in the face of the enemy—a strength found only in Christ.
At the 2024 Amazing Facts Youth Conference, Stand: Unshakeable Faith, you will discover that embracing your place under the leadership of Jesus will make you a courageous person of unshakeable faith. Come worship, fellowship with like-minded Christians, make new friends, enjoy inspiring music, participate in outreach, and listen to powerful speakers. You will be fortified to stand strong. If you desire a resilient faith that is unwavering in the hardest of times, this inspiring conference is for you!
Tony Scarpino of Amazing Facts, says, "There is not another day, hour, or minute to be wasted on being drawn away by this world. That’s why I urge you to come to this year's Amazing Facts Youth Conference, where we will "watch, stand fast in the faith, be brave, be strong" (1 Corinthians 16: 13)—and stand with unshakeable faith together!"
Come and learn to stand strong in Christ so that your faith will never be shaken.
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The Speakers
Pastor Doug Batchelor
Pastor Doug Batchelor
Anil Kanda
Anil Kanda
Diamond Garcia
Diamond Garcia
Anella Poljak
Anella Poljak
Darcee Christensen
Darcee Christensen
Carlos Muñoz
Carlos Muñoz
Reins on my Life
Amazing Adventure
Separate presentations, Amazing Adventure: Stand, designed for 8 to 12-year-olds, will be presented by Amazing Facts evangelist Daniel Hudgens. Starts nightly at 7pm.
Event Highlights
Meals provided free
Breakfast, lunch, and supper are served FREE on Thursday, Friday, and Sabbath.
Meet new people, make new friends
Meet new friends, network, and study together.
Hear inspiring testimonies
Afterglow sessions, devotionals, and testimonials
Join a prayer team
Outreach, fellowship, prayer, and uplifting music
Q and A each night
Q&A each evening
Uplifting live music
Uplifting Music
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Details coming soon for lodging options. Check back later ...
I want to support this series for our youth and young adults!
"My experience at the 2023 AFY Conference was nothing short of life-changing. Attending in person for the first time exceeded all my expectations. The speakers were inspiring, the theme was powerful, and the dedication of everyone involved to deliver a truly impactful experience was evident in every aspect of the event. One of the most uplifting parts for me was being surrounded by so many like-minded youth and individuals committed to hastening Jesus’ second coming. I wholeheartedly encourage anyone who has the opportunity to attend this year's conference to prayerfully consider it. They’ll have the chance to experience a taste of Heaven on earth." —Melissa, who traveled from Honduras

"The 2023 Amazing Facts Youth Conference was such a spiritual growing experience! One thing that I enjoyed was the impactful messages each day. Being surrounded by young believers from around the globe and the USA each year has been such a joy and comfort!" Alyssa, from Georgia
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To inspire a generation of youth around the world to be followers of Christ by leading, teaching, and mentoring them through Bible principles and the Spirit of Prophecy.
To establish a family of youth internationally who are preparing for Christ’s soon return and who, as servant-leaders, commit to lead, teach, and mentor other youth to be ready for Jesus’ coming.
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